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Price in Salamanca  (2013)

Rent apartment

Average monthly rental for a two-bedroom apartment:
300 Euros (EUR)


Rent room

Average monthly room rental in a middle-class area:
180 Euros (EUR)



A coffee:
1,50 Euros (EUR)


Lunchtime menu

Average price of a lunchtime menu in a restaurant:
9 Euros (EUR)


A beer

A beer: (Caña, approx. 0.25 cl).
1,50 Euros (EUR)


Tapas meal

Average price of a tapas meal in a restaurant:
9 Euros (EUR)


A drink

Price of a drink in a disco:
6 Euros (EUR)


Litre of petrol

A litre of petrol:
1,39 Euros (EUR)


Tobacco (Virginian)

A packet of tobacco (Virginian):
4,50 Euros (EUR)


Soft drink

A soft drink from a vending machine:
1,50 Euros (EUR)



A newspaper:
1,50 Euros (EUR)



Cost of seeing a film on the weekend:
6,70 Euros (EUR)



Average price of a flight Salamanca- Barcelona:
200 Euros (EUR)