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Accessible Tourism

Looking at or admiring a city is not enough to get to know it: this brings us close to only part of it. We must also touch it, feel it on our skin, discover its texture, recognise its music and its silence, smell it, notice its scent and taste every aspect of it. But to really know a city, we must also put ourselves in the shoes of others, look at it with their eyes, feel it with their hands, so that we can understand the city as it is, a living, changing being, constantly transforming itself, a complex reality made of up of many different glances and experiences.

This city tour shows that Salamanca is also an open place, with no limits or boundaries. This means it can be enjoyed fully and completely, thus becoming a city of and for everyone.

A special determination to remove all barriers, not just architectural ones. The aim is for those with any type of disability (psychological, sensory, etc.) to be able to experience the city at close hand, accessibly and openly.

Helping everyone to really enjoy Salamanca.

Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Corrillo, Calle Rúa Mayor, Casa de las Conchas (House of the Shells), Clerecía (Clergybuilding), Calle de los Libreros, University of Salamanca, Calle Latina Tavira, Plaza de Juan XXIII, New Cathedral, Old Cathedral, Plaza de Anaya, Calle Cardenal Plá y Daniel, along to Plaza Mayor via Calle Rúa Mayor; or along Calle Compañía, Pontifical University, Plaza de San Benito, Plaza de la Agustinas and Calle Prior.

Accessible Tourism map