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Logotipo Salamanca Patrimonio de la Humanidad

Salamanca is a well-kept city, and more importantly very safe. It is young, dynamic and vibrant, with a rich cultural heritage, and some outstanding monuments. It is no surprise therefore that it is a designated World Heritage Site and a point of reference for tourism.
Salamanca is a magical city for learning languages and having fun.

Ocio y Tiempo Libre

Have a great time in Salamanca. Take advantage of the wonderful things the city has to offer, You'll be dazzled by day and will succumb to the sensual Salamanca nights.
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Ciudad de Salamanca

Given Salamanca's humanistic tradition and rich artistic and historical heritage, it was no surprise when in 1988 it became a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
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The city's two universities and accredited learning centres offer the highest teaching standards to students of Spanish.
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