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City of Salamanca
How to arrive?

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The simplest way is to take an airplane until MADRID-BARAJAS and then travel by bus or train (RENFE) to Salamanca. The trip takes approximately two and a half hours; the company is called AUTO RES and buses leave frequently. The two stations in Salamanca are located in the centre of the city.
If you are coming from Portugal or France you can come by bus or train.
The airport of Villanubla is in Valladolid, which is only 112 km from Salamanca. To get to Salamanca from Madrid by car, you need to take the A-50 dual carriageway.

Salamanca Vialia Station

If you opt for the bus, there is a bus company Avanza Bus, which offers a bus transfer service from Madrid-Barajas airport to Salamanca. The bus stop is situated in the Terminal 1 of the airport, in the car park located opposite the arrivals lounge. You can buy tickets and consult timetables at:, at the usual ticket offices and inside the airport, at the Corte Inglés travel agency , located on the first floor of T1 or by calling: +34 902 02 09 99.


There are also regular bus routes. These together with their corresponding links enable travellers to get to Salamanca from any Spanish or European city. To arrive at the Méndez Alvaro Bus station in Madrid from the airport Madrid-Barajas the best option is to take line 8 on the underground (metro) to the Nuevos Ministerios station and then take line 6 to Méndez Álvaro.

You can also take a taxi if you don't want to make line changes.
The tourist information telephone number of Madrid is

» +34 91 588 1636.

Salamanca Bus Station
Av. Filiberto Villalobos 71
37007 Salamanca
+34 923 226 079


Estación de autobuses de salamanca[AVANZA BUS]



If you prefer to travel by train, Renfe (national rail service) offers daily connections to Madrid, Lisbon, Oporto, Paris and all their connections. To arrive at the Chamartín train station in Madrid you have to take line 8 on the underground (metro) to Colombia station, change to line 9 until you arrive at Plaza de Castilla station and then take line 10 to Chamartín station.
You can find their timetables at: or you can call:

» +34 902 24 02 02.

The web page of the underground is

Salamanca Station
Av. de la estación s/n
37004 Salamanca

Passengers leaving the station

[Passengers leaving the station]


Salamanca also has its own small airport located in nearby Matacan, and at specific times of the year offers charter and regular flights to a variety of different Spanish and European cities.

Matacán (Salamanca)

» +34 923 329606.

Barajas (Madrid)

» +34 902 35 35 70
» +34 91 305 83 43
» +34 91 305 83 45

Villanubla (Valladolid)

» +34 983 41 55 00

Salamanca Airport

[Salamanca Airport]


Salamanca is a small city and you can go everywhere by foot. To move through the city the most pleasant thing is to go walking or by bike, but you can also take the city buses. The bus fare is 0,90 €. It is more economical to get a fare-card. You can get one at the Salamanca de Transportes office in Plaza de Mercado, next to the Main Square (Plaza Mayor) or in Gran Vía Street.



Train Station, RENFE:

» +34 902 240 202

Bus Station:

» +34 923 236 717

Matacán Salmanca Airport:

» +34 923 329 600

Radio Taxi:

» +34 923 250 000



» 112

Local Police:

» 092

Lost Objects:

» +34 923 279 195

Country Police:

» 091
» +34 923 265 311 

Post Office:

» +34 923 28 14 57

Municipal Tourism Office:

» +34 902 30 20 02 

Tourism Information from the regional council of Castilla y León:

» +34 902 20 30 30